[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 24 22:24:38 EST 2002

* Michael Neel <neel at mediapulse.com> [020824 21:18]:
> Would it make since to have python.apache.org work the same as
> jakarta.apache.org?  Then have mod_python, mod_snake, and any other
> efforts listed as sub-projects.  

Yes, sounds interesting. Though I also agree with Jorgen's point in 
consolidating efforts. I haven't really touched mod_snake, but if it 
essentially duplicates the mod_python functionality, what's the point of
having 2 siamese twins consuming programmers' cycles? 
In such a situation, I'd say let's put them both on some serious neutral 
benchmark tests, choose the best of the breed, then focus all efforts on it 
(and sidestep the other in the name of the common good). Egoes will be bruised
in the process, but as Spock said in 'the Wrath of Khan': ... 

> Zope could be related link, but it
> really does fit in with what I think of when I think "mod_python".  I
> want mod_python to provide 2 very key parts; 1. provided an embedded
> interperter so I can speed up a existing python code with little effort
> and 2. provide a python API version of the Apache API. (I'm not saying
> we don't have these bases covered, just say what I'm looking for in a
> mod python project).  Zope is a tool for a different job.

Zope is not an apache module. Hence, Zope almost jumps out of topic.

My vision of a python.apache.org is a lot closer to perl.apache.org.
I'm an old user of mod_perl... until I discovered python couple of years ago. 
And never looked back since.
How can I put it? I want to do mod_perl, but while writing in python.
So I'm rather leaning towards Jorgen's vision of a consolidated effort
and cooperation between projects, eventually merging somewhere down the line.
I'd want the Apache Foundation to give the same treatment to python it now
gives perl (java, tcl, ...). Nothing more, nothing less.
Then eventually I'd want O'Reilly to update their 'Writing Apache Modules with 
Perl and C' to something like 'Writing Apache Modules with Perl, Python and C'.

I have this weird feeling python is one of those totally underestimated jewels
of the open source movement. Guido achieved a jewel of a programming language.
This should definitely put python on the (web programming) map,
give it the visibility it (rightfully!) deserves. AND democratize web 
programming (python is so easy and clean, my grandmother could write web apps).


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