[mod_python] mod_python link on Apache web page?

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Thu Aug 22 12:56:46 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 12:11, vio wrote:
> Since mod_python is so totally dependent on apache, warming up this 
> symbiotic relationship to similar levels as mod_perl and such would
> make a lot of sense.

Well put.

> Apologies to the list for my misplaced religious bull.

If so, my apologies for bringing up the subject in the first place. But
I do not think there is any reasons for apologies - if there are
objections against this type of discussions on this list, there should
be a separate list for purely technical discussions and a separate list
for "mod_python politics". ;)

> python.apache.org sounds great. Provided the owners of the apache.org
> domain agree. Though as much as I'm concerned, I wouldn't waste much
> sleep if it doesn't happen.
> My opinion.

Ok. Are there other opinions? I would especially like to hear if there
are any objections.

What I think needs to be done is something this:
The issue needs blessing from Grisha. Without him being in on this, I
see no point in trying to achieve a tighter connection to the Apache
        * The Python web development community outside mod_python should
          be heard. There are probably lots of people using Zope, not to
          mention those using Python as a language for cgi-bin scripts.
          Their opinion needs to be asked for. There is nothing to say
          that python.apache.org should equal mod_python, like
          perl.apache.org equals mod_perl. Perhaps python.apache.org
          should be a trimmed site with Apache-Python-related links.
          mod_python could be prominent there. The Web-Python community
          at large needs to discuss this.
        * The Apache people need to be contacted. Before this, however,
          there needs to be consensus among the people willing to

I'm willing to contribute some time to contacting all these different
groups of people. But I would like some more feedback from the readers
of this mailing list first.

> PS. What would be quite intriguing would be to meter the mod_python's 
> installed base.

I'll look into this as well as a separate matter.


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