[mod_python] mod_python link on Apache web page?

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 22 04:11:47 EST 2002

Since mod_python is so totally dependent on apache, warming up this 
symbiotic relationship to similar levels as mod_perl and such would make a lot
of sense. Though from my selfish user's point of view, as long as I can make 
apache sing python songs, and doing it faster than in Zope, I don't much care 
more than that. Languages is kind of a religious experience, with hugely 
various followings. As in real religions, it's seldom the best religion who is 
the most popular (no offense, but unfortunately it's always the better 
marketing who wins crowds, rarely the technically better product 
... howdy Bill !).

Apologies to the list for my misplaced religious bull. But I am quite surprized
to hear that mod_python is not referenced by apache web site. I believe that's
the place to be if mod_python wants to recruit a bigger audience/following.
Cause if you only meter in the programming experience, Python is way better
than Perl or PHP or Java or C/Cpp or what have you (I don't know TCL, so can't
compare it). I mean, Python's competition. 
Why am I so damn sure? Cause else, I'd be 
out of here in a hurry, as well as each and every one of you reading this.
We're here because we've seen what else is there, and for the time being,
mod_python + apache is pretty much the best there is.

python.apache.org sounds great. Provided the owners of the apache.org domain 
agree. Though as much as I'm concerned, I wouldn't waste much sleep if it 
doesn't happen.
My opinion.


PS. What would be quite intriguing would be to meter the mod_python's installed
base. I mean, apache now runs over 60% of all web servers worldwide. I'd be 
curious to know what segment of this market also runs mod_python ? Not that
it matters a great deal (the fact that mod_perl's stats would probably beat
the pants out of mod_python's won't make me run back to the former anythime

PS2. Sorry about my huge crap. I's definitely been too long a day.

* Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe at paniq.net> [020822 03:02]:
> I was browsing around the Apache web pages when it struck me that
> mod_python is definitely not getting the exposure it could on those
> pages. There is perl.apache.org, php.apache.org and tcl.apache.org, but
> there is no python.apache.org. There isn't even a mod_python link under
> the "Sister Projects" section.
> I think this is quite sad, because why shouldn't Python be an equally
> good choice as web app development language as Perl, PHP or TCL?
> What I would like to do is get a link to the mod_python web site under
> the "Sister Projects" section of http://www.apache.org/, or (preferably)
> find out how a python.apache.org could be created, either as a general
> Python-Apache site or as a direct link to the mod_python web site
> (perl.apache.org is actually the mod_perl site).
> Are there any opinions or further information on this matter that anyone
> would like to share? Is anyone interested in this?
> Cheers,
> Fabian

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