[mod_python] Internal redirect (to the same server)

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 15 14:02:27 EST 2002

I believe that each browser handles the redirect HTTP messages a little 
differently, so redirection is browser-dependant.
But the question is rather how to by-pass the redirect altogether.
I believe you can do that by writing directly to the browser.

So instead of something like:
 _REQUEST.headers_out['location'] = 'http://' + your_other_virtual_server
 raise apache.SERVER_RETURN, apache.OK

you would do something like:
 _REQUEST.headers_out.add( your other headers here)

 raise apache.SERVER_RETURN, apache.OK

where :
 some_html_document = """\

Hope this helps,

* Grant Beasley <gbeasley at tsa.ac.za> [020815 13:26]:
> Hi
> If I want to redirect the browser to another URL on my server, I can use a
> HTTP redirect, but as I understand it, the redirect gets sent to the
> browser, which then goes to the new URL, i.e. comes back to my server. I
> want to be able to tell apache to serve another URL, without the useless
> loop back to the browser.
> Is this possible? And if so, could you give me a few pointers?
> Secondly, what is the difference between HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY and
> Thanks
> Grant Beasley
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