[mod_python] Questions for the FAQ - please check and confirm (req.write() and return)

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Thu Aug 15 16:04:58 EST 2002

I have FAQ entries that I wish to add, but I thought it would be best to
post them here first for review. I'd like you to
        * confirm that the text it correct and
        * provide any additional information you think would be

I will then submit this information to the FAQ Wizard.

Here goes:

Using req.write() and return statements in the Publisher Handler

You may only call req.write() once. If you call it several times, you'll
get strange results.

If you use req.write() in a function called by the Publisher Handler,
you must still return a string at the end of the function. An empty
string is not enough.


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