[mod_python] argument matching for forms

Matt H matt at proweb.co.uk
Thu Apr 4 11:43:07 EST 2002

> Probably the fields that were filled in in the form. Unfilled fields that
> don't have a value in the form are probably not passed. Although I think
> they should be passed.

no they shouldn't

the <form tag is a way of telling the browser how to lay out a form

the GET method is a way to tell the HTTP server what you are after

the POST method is a way to give the HTTP server information

browsers linking forms to POST/GET requests is an end user convenience

your code *must* accept that some or all of the fields will not be included for I may manually type


Also how would you discriminate between a page request and a submission if you expected


the solution to the poster's problem is a wrapper to his function that checks the parameters for validity (soemthign he shoudl be doing anyway!)


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