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Thu Apr 4 11:34:54 EST 2002

> SK> Hi,
> SK> A mod_python newbie question about argument matching for forms:
> SK> I have a form for user registration, with 13 fields (name,
> SK> address, etc.) - I pass them to mod_python for processing.
> SK> But: if I don't give default values to the arguments, it fails,
> SK> saying 13 parameters expected, 3 got...
> SK> Which 3? Why those 3? And why works if I give default values?
> SK> If I use the req.form.list to extract the values, works fine.
> SK> But the other way is much more elegant...
> Probably the fields that were filled in in the form. Unfilled fields
> that
> don't have a value in the form are probably not passed. Although I
> they should be passed.

Thanks Piet,

Unfortunately happens idependent from the number of filled fields,
i.e. even if I fill all the fields. What I can see is that - if it
comes through :) - the unfilled fields values are ''s, i.e. empty


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