[mod_python] mod_python under IIS?

Jørgen Frøjk Kjærsgaard {Metation} jfk at metation.com
Tue Apr 2 11:30:17 EST 2002

Mandag  1. April 2002 22:01 skrev du:
> Have you considered a simple CGI, ignoring mod_python?
> While annoying (very heavy overhead from process forks), it will
> work under a variety of web server configurations.

Well, there are two problems involved in using a CGI solution. One is 
performance, which isn't critical in all cases. Another problem is that I 
like to be able to use short, meningful URLs e.g. 
"http://somewhere.com/articles/20020215-1.html" instead of, say, 

Under Apache one could use mod_rewrite to rewrite urls of the former form to 
the latter. Do you happen to know if something similar is possible under IIS? 
I don't know much about IIS yet; until now I've only worked on Apache...

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