[mod_python] mod_python under IIS?

Alan Kennedy modpython at xhaus.com
Mon Apr 1 15:45:15 EST 2002


I've never seen an embedded python for IIS. The only 
servers I know that are lucky enough to have such python 
embedding are Apache and AOLServer (PyWX)


The only reasonable (scalable) alternative I know of is 
FastCGI, which involves plugging a module into your 
webserver that passes the requests onto an external 
persistent threaded Python server, potentially on a 
different machine, or even multiple machines.


There is a FastCGI module for IIS, There are several python 
modules/servers listed on the FastCGI home page.

I don't know IIS at all, but is there any way you can get 
IIS to pass requests onto COM objects? If so, then you can 
use Mark Hammond's excellent win32 extensions, which allow 
you to very easily write both COM servers and clients in 


Is there any specific reason why you don't want to use 
Python as a scripting language in ASP?

Best of luck,


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