[mod_python] Environment variables created by Apache not in os.environ

Keegan Miller keegan at millerwebsiteservices.com
Mon Sep 3 01:36:40 EST 2001

I'm working on a system which was working with Python as a CGI handler.
After switching to mod_python, most of it works.  But the site depends on
some environment variables which are extracted from the URL by Apache's
mod_rewrite module.  For some reason, these environment variables aren't
loaded into os.environ.

Does anyone know how I can access these variables?

When this module was running as a CGI script, the env vars were there.  Now,
system vars like OS are there, but the ones created by mod_rewrite are not.

I'm running Apache 1.3.20, Python 2.1, and mod_python 2.7.4 on Windows 2000.

Keegan Miller

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