[mod_python] SOLVED + example: Cookie setting and reading

Deleersnyder, Sebastien sebastien.deleersnyder at be.unisys.com
Sat Sep 1 08:57:32 EST 2001


After some checking and aid from Leonid Timochouk I solved the problem.
I already had a send_http_header() call before my cookie setting 
(classic mistake).
The cookie is send to the server as part of the headers_in.

Here is my sample code:

from mod_python import apache,
def getCookie(headers_in, key):
    """ Method to retrieve a certain cookie, returns None if not found, or
not set"""
    if headers_in.has_key('Cookie'):
        import Cookie
        C = Cookie.SmartCookie(headers_in['Cookie'])
        if C.has_key(key):
            return C[key].value
    return None

def handler(req):
    """ This sample code will result in 'None' the first time the page is
    and 'Value' on the reload."""
    form = util.FieldStorage(req)
    req.headers_out['Set-Cookie']='key=value; path=/; expires=Wed,
09-Nov-2030 23:59:00 GMT'
    req.write(repr(getCookie(req.headers_in, 'key')))
    return apache.OK


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> Subject:	Cookie setting and reading
> Hi,
> This certainly has been discussed here before, but I do not seem to find 
> any documentation/example on the following.
> How do I set a cookie. And how do I read the same cookie back?
> I think the following code should set the cookie and forces the browser to
> save 
> the cookie for a next logon (by setting the expiration date to the
> maximum).
> req.headers_out['Set-Cookie']='key=value; path=/; expires=Wed, 09-Nov-2030
> 23:59:00 GMT'
> req.send_http_header()
> Only I am testing this with IE 6 and I do not see the cookie in my cookie
> directory or privacy settings.
> My privacy settings is configured to allow all cookies.
> Next question:
> If successfully set, how do I read the cookie when the client reconnects?
> Is this a member of the request class?
> regards,
> Sebastien

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