[mod_python] sessions again

Geert Jansen geert at boskant.nl
Wed Nov 14 11:12:15 EST 2001

Mark wrote:

> I'm a refugee from PHP4 and would really like to
> use something the equivalent of PHP4s sessions ?
> I've spent hours going thru the mail archives and
> there seems to be some reluctance (?) to accumulate
> mod_python examples, or something... they're really
> hard to find and essential when trying to learn python
> itself, and how it fits in with mod_python, and keeping
> the peace between 1.5, 2.0, 2.1 and...

Maybe there is a lack of interest because mod_python is thought to be on a
lower level than PHP. I see mod_python as apache/python integration
software, not as a e-content system. There are no templates, no sessions,
there is no standard library. These of course can all be built on top of
mod_python, but there is (not yet) a standard content system that is
regarded as _the_ content system for mod_python. [yes, I know the publisher,
but I don't consider that to be a full blown e-content system]

Sessions, for example, would require a database to back the session data,
something that is out of scope for mod_python. Also templates would be

AFAIK there is some software (webware, cheetah, ...) out there that builds
on mod_python but I didn't like it. That's why I wrote my own e-content
system. If you seach the archives you'll find a link to a preview version of

I agree with you that this distinction should be made more clear. IMHO
mod_python is _not_ an e-content system. It is not a PHP.

> Surely there is a site out there that specializes in
> mod_python scripts ? I assumed modpython.org would
> have heaps of examples, but nada except the handlers
> included in the package itself. Strange.

Sessions require much more than just a few lines of code.

Geert Jansen

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