[mod_python] still an Invalid command 'PythonHandler' .....

Jeff Davis jdavis at dynworks.com
Sun Nov 11 21:22:04 EST 2001

I don't know a heck of a lot about windows... but you might try looking at 
httpd.conf (or whatever the main apache configuration file is called). You 
need to somewhere load the python module (using the LoadModule command) in 
order for apaceh to recognize that command. That assumes that you built 
mod_python as a dynamic shared object.

Please send along a little more info about your problem:
1) how did you build mod_python (is it a shared object or built into apache)?
2) show the pieces of httpd.conf that are supposed to initialize the python 
module (i.e. point to the library you built).
3) what troubleshooting have you already tried (I don't know "everything in 
this list")?

	Jeff Davis

On Sunday 11 November 2001 09:06 pm, you wrote:
> i am about a month old python lover and wanted to try mod python to run my
> scripts...
> unfortunately.... while installing everything... according to the
> installation instruction of mod_python,
> the terrifying "Invalid command 'PythonHandler'" is still there... how can
> i correct this?
> am using win98 se (about to upgrade to win2k), apache 1.3, python 2.0, and
> modpython 2.7.2.....
> i've gone thru the process of digging and applying all that is in the
> mailing list archive.... still.... no success....
> please advice... thanks....
> begging you ;) ,
> ali
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