[mod_python] Sessions

Jeff Davis jdavis at dynworks.com
Mon Nov 5 18:46:11 EST 2001

weblib.sourceforge.net has what looks to be some good web modules, including 

I am looking through different code for different web modules to see if I can 
help out somewhere. If you want to send yours on by, that would be great 
(email it to me if it is small).


> As I look at it now, it isn't robust in the face of multiple clients
> sharing the session id, but as I said it was written in about twenty
> minutes for an internal app.
> > 	Oh, and if anyone has some experience with existing session modules I
> > would be open to suggestion (I have seen a few around). I would prefer
> > that it be stable and somewhat scalable (I was thinking caching to a flat
> > file sequentially might not work well under all circumstances), but I
> > don't know whether that is necessary anyway.
> Are there any decent ones? I remember doing a brief search and not
> finding anything I immediately liked.
> I'd certainly be interested in tossing my code over the fence as the
> seed for a more robust session manager.
>     -tree

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