[mod_python] Sessions

Geert Jansen geert at boskant.nl
Mon Nov 5 20:55:43 EST 2001

You wrote:

> > Oh, and if anyone has some experience with existing session modules I
> > be open to suggestion (I have seen a few around). I would prefer that it
> > stable and somewhat scalable (I was thinking caching to a flat file
> > sequentially might not work well under all circumstances), but I don't
> > whether that is necessary anyway.
> Are there any decent ones? I remember doing a brief search and not
> finding anything I immediately liked.
> I'd certainly be interested in tossing my code over the fence as the
> seed for a more robust session manager.

I wrote a session manager for my project dubbed Python.ASP. (It is an ASP
like but far more powerfull active server page framework using python as the
scripting language.) The session manager uses a hybrid cookie/url mechanism
to pass a session id which is used to store and retrieve the database backed
session data. It also performs robot detection. The project is finished but
I won't have time to document it, write an installation procedure and
release it for some time. The session module is somewhat difficult to lift
out of the ASP framework, but if you want to take a look at the code,
contact me by mail and I'll send it to you.

Geert Jansen

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