[mod_python] several mod_python issues

Chris Hagner CHagner at fool.com
Fri May 18 13:45:05 EST 2001

While working with mod_python lately, we've noticed a couple of
inconsistencies with the documentation and also have a few 
comments/questions on intended behavior and whether certain behavior 
was intended or is just a bug.

1. The PythonNoReload directive is a bit confusing and does not provide
   an option that would also be useful. "PythonNoReload Off" performs a
   full reload/import of the pyhandler on every request.
   "PythonNoReload On" only performs a reload/import when the mtime
   of the handler has changed. We would like to also propose an
   additional option to "never" reload/import the handler except upon
   initial startup of the child process. This would allow for a more
   controlled re-initialization of the server(s) via an apache graceful

2. Modules pre-loaded via the PythonImport directive do not appear to be
   readily available in the handler. We've verified that Python Import
   and the handler are running in the same interpreter space by passing
   info via global classes such as Exception, but we can't find the
   modules loaded via PythonImport. They must be somewhere, but just
   can't seem to locate them... What is the expected way to access
   modules that have been pre-loaded via PythonImport from within code
   such as the handler?

3. As detailed in an earlier post from Sumner Hayes, mod_python does not
   perform as expected/desired on a apache graceful restart.
   Essentially, new children are spawned and declared ready to the
   parent before they can actually serve requests (ie still initilizing
   any PythonImport directives). The mod_python directives should be
   fully processed before considering the child ready to serve requests.

This isn't meant as just a rant. Just some things that we've noticed
that are important in our environment. We're willing to help with fixes,
etc., but wanted to make sure we had a full perspective on all the
issues at hand before attacking this stuff. 

Please let us know what you think about the observations listed above.

Stephan Koledin
Mad Scientist
The Motley Fool

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