[mod_python] mod_python DSO in my config

Jeroen van Drie jvdev at 3va.net
Thu May 10 20:47:26 EST 2001

Hi list,

I've installed mod_python on my rh7.1 test machine as a DSO - works like a 
dream - congrats on the team with an excellent module. However!

I need a bit of help getting this to work on my production server which is a 
RH 6.2 running apache 1.3.12 with as `non-standard' both mod_ssl and 
mod_rewrite compiled in. Other more standard modules such as mod_cgi and 
mod_auth are also compiled into the binary. I've just baked a new apache with 
mod_so compiled in and added:

LoadModule python_module libexec/mod_python.so
AddModule mod_python.c

to the config. (These are the only statements of this type (module 
definitions) in the httpd.conf)

I had apxs remade also and compiling & making the mod_python DSO was a 

when I stop and startssl apache I get the notification that 
[warn] Loaded DSO libexec/mod_python.so uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this 
module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with -DEAPI)

Which according to many accounts is no problem. However - there is no 
instance of apache running after the startssl command. Worst of all - there 
is nothing in the logs to indicate why the server doesn't want to start  - 
even if running it with LogLevel debug

If I just start the server without ssl enabled the server is started but 
returns a connection refused upon execution of any binary cgi program. 

Since mod_python should be the first in the LoadModule list maybe the 
assumption that it should be compiled into the binary is valid - or that all 
modules should be DSO's so that mod_python can get first pick. But I have as 
many theories as braincells :)

Thanks & best regards,
Jeroen van Drie.

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