[mod_python] Use mod_python for root/home page requests

Chris Hagner CHagner at fool.com
Tue May 8 13:29:37 EST 2001

I currently have mod_python wired into a location (Specifically <Location
/>) that allows all request coming under this location to be handled by my
handler.  I also use SetHandler instead of AddHandler so that it doesn't
even matter what file extension/type is requested.  My goal here is to have
an apache instance that has ALL of its requests go through mod_python.

Now, the strange thing is that this works great for all requests except for
the root/home page.  For example,


This works great... my handler is called and is responsible for
interpretting 'blahblah'.  However,


This fails to go to the handler and instead looks for the default page
(index.html) in the DocumentRoot.  Thus, my Location directive doesn't
appear to be inclusive of the request to the base home URL.

Has anyone tried this before?  I'd prefer to achieve this without relying on

Thanks for your help.


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