[mod_python] Win32 threading issue

Chris Trengove trengove at econdata.com.au
Mon May 7 21:21:32 EST 2001


Yes, as I understand things, this should be the multithreaded version,
since this is how Python is built for Win32. (I am running the BeOpen 2.0
version of Python.) But my reading of the mod_python documentation is that
mod_python under Win32 is "thread safe", to the extent that it allocates a
new Python thread for each new Apache thread, and does the appropriate
things to make sure that the threads co-exist peacefully.

As for measuring throughput, my script does that quite successfully - if I
only run one copy. The point is that this test environment exposes the
threading problem far more quickly than in a production environment, where
the conflict might occur much less often, and much less predictably.


At 02:41 AM 7/05/2001 -0700, Marc Fiuczynski wrote:
>A random shot in the dark...
>are you using a multithreaded version of the python interpreter?  If so,
>then that might be the cause of your problem.   Somewhere in the mod_python
>documentation I read that apache would get confused if you used a
>multithreaded version of python.  Check that and please let us (or at least
>me) know.
>In terms of throughput, you might also try writing a script using "wget" to
>measure the number of requests per second you can run (not sure what the
>windows equivalent is, or whether you can get it to work with cygwin).

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