[mod_python] FW: util.FormStorage empty values issue

Petar Karafezov petar at metamarkets.com
Thu Mar 8 06:44:45 EST 2001

actually, I just found out the keep_empty_value set to 0 in util.py. I
changed the value to 1 and recompiled it. Now everything seems to be working
fine. Was there any reason keep_empty_value was set to 0 ? Did I changed the
library the right way ?

THanks for your help!

Petar Karafezov

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From: Petar Karafezov 
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Subject: util.FormStorage empty values issue

Hiya all -

I'm using Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) mod_python/2.7.2 Python/2.0 and I seem to be
having a little issue when values from a form is '' (empty string). When the
value is '' they key itself does not get passed as a part of what
util.FormStorage returns.

Any ideas of how to get around this ?

Regards and thanks for the help,
Petar Karafezov

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