[mod_python] index.py as index

piet at cs.uu.nl piet at cs.uu.nl
Wed Jun 13 15:39:47 EST 2001

>>>>> Giorgio <deneb at unixwave.org> (G) writes:

G> On Wed, Jun 13, 2001, piet at cs.uu.nl wrote:
>> DirectoryIndex index.pyx index.html
>> ...
>> <Directory "...."> 
>> AddHandler python-index .pyx
>> PythonHandler index 
>> </Directory>

G> But so you don't use mod_publisher in index.pyx, isn't it?
G> And if i wanna in index.pyx send an email with a form, as
G> in the mod_python manual?

Sorry, I didn't test enough. It appears that you can have only one
modpython handler (at least in the same directory). And yes,
python-index must still be python-program.
And importing probelms can be avoided by also having index.py

So after all my suggestion doesn't work as I thought.

Maybe publisher should get some default if the path is empty.

What I don't understand why you want to send an email when the
directory is selected. The parameters would come normally from a FORM
but then the action can simply be given as a full path can't it?
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