[mod_python] mod_python + MySQLdb => does it work?

markus.hillebrand at apis-group.net markus.hillebrand at apis-group.net
Thu Jul 19 13:57:54 EST 2001

 Hello to all you out there!

I tried to bring mod_python and MySQLdb together,
but I crashed on some problems.

First of all: mod_python runs quite fine.
Also MySQLdb runs quite well.

But when I try to import MySQLdb from a python-script
that was invoked by mod_python I get a

ImportError: _mysql: init failed 
(whole error message is in the attachement)

System: Linux 6.4(i386) - Kernel 2.2.14(4)
        apache 1.3.19
        Python 2.0
        mod_python 2.7.5
        MySQLdb 0.9.0

Has somebody out there a running system like this?
Would be very helpfull to bring mod_python and MySQLdb
together - or is there another solution to access
a MySQL database?

        Bye, Markus        

Markus Hillebrand, Dipl.Inf.(FH), Software-Engineer
Apis networks GmbH, Kronstadter Str. 11, 81677 Muenchen, Germany
Tel.: +49 (089) 357147-23 ; eMail: markus.hillebrand at apis-group.net
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