[mod_python] Problems getting mod_python up n' running

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Sun Jul 15 16:11:44 EST 2001

>>>>> "Jonas Bengtsson" <jonas.b at home.se> (JB) writes:

JB> Ahh... Now I got it to work. It wasn't the environment PATH variable that I
JB> should change but the PythonPath variable in the Registry.

In fact, if you put the files in the subdirectory mod_python of your main
Python directory, this is not necessary. Anyway, the libs directory is the
wrong one, because it is meant for .lib files (which you only need if you
compile python extensions).

JB> Now I get the following error:
JB> """
JB> Mod_python error: "PythonHandler mptest"

JB> Traceback (most recent call last):

JB>   File "e:\program\python21\mod_python\apache.py", line 181, in Dispatch
JB>     module = import_module(module_name, _req)

JB>   File "e:\program\python21\mod_python\apache.py", line 335, in
JB> import_module
JB>     f, p, d = imp.find_module(parts[i], path)

JB> ImportError: No module named mptest
JB> """
JB> But I have not looked into it to see why this occurs so I guess it is just
JB> something trivial..

It probably means that mptest.py is not in the directory that is mentioned
as the PythonHandler in your Apache config file. Maybe you gave it another
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