[mod_python] Problems getting mod_python up n' running

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Fri Jul 13 21:48:40 EST 2001

>>>>> "Jonas Bengtsson" <jonas.b at home.se> (JB) writes:

JB> I don't think that is the problem in my case. My mod_python.dll is about 45
JB> kb and that seems normal

JB> Does any one else have a clue? I'm about to look elsewhere for Python
JB> support in Apache... mod_python seems to work very poorly under Windows.

That is not true. However you must be careful to install it properly:
- use the correct version of the dll (corresponding to the python version)
- put the dll in the Apache module directory
- add the LoadModule clause to Apache's config file
- add the handler declaration to Apache's config
- put the .py files n the proper Python directory
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