[mod_python] Problem writing to file from handler

oddmund.mogedal at accenture.com oddmund.mogedal at accenture.com
Tue Jan 30 20:36:08 EST 2001


I need to write to a file from within a script (called using publisher.py).
For some reason, I am not allowed to write to the file, even though it
exists and has write permission for everyone.
(Yes, it is a security risk, but not in the environment where I will use

I have tried the same thing using the cgi module, and then I am allowed to
write to the file.
Is there a difference in access rights to the file system between a script
called from mod_python and a script called using CGI?

Does anybody know what is causing this problem?

Using mod_python: DOES NOT WORK
    import getpass

    def omtest(req, username, file):
        myfile = open("testom", 'wb')
        return "%s\n%d\n%s\n" % (username, len(file), getpass.getuser())

Using cgi: WORKS OK

    import getpass
    import sys
    import cgi

    myfile = open("testom", 'wb')
    form = cgi.FieldStorage()
    name = form["name"].value
    file = form["file"].value

    print "Content-Type: text/html"
    print name
    print getpass.getuser()


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