[mod_python] mod_python on Win98

Martin Sandin msandin at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 22 09:45:02 EST 2001


I'll renew my request for help with this mail. I hope I'm no rude, but I'd 
really like to evaluate the possibility of using Apache/mod_python for 
running parts of a system the company I work at use.

When I add mod_python.dll (for Python 2.0) to the modules/ directory in 
apache, and have the Python20 directory in the PATH env variable, and add a 
LoadModule directive to Apache's httpd.conf with no other mod_python 
references I get the following error on startup of Apache:

"'import site' failed; use -v for traceback"

When configuring apache as suggested in the mp docs I also get the following 
in errors.log when trying to access that URL:

"python_handler: make_obcallback returned no obCallBack!"

Have the exact same behavior on two separate Win98 machines, with the latest 
versions of Apache 1.3 and mod_python. Is there any help available or should 
I just give up on using mod_python? =(

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