[mod_python] mod_python, NT, PythonPath

Victor Muslin victor at prodigy.net
Wed Feb 28 11:28:24 EST 2001

I used to get the same error before I set things up so that mod_python 
PACKAGE is found.

Make sure you mod_python Python PACKAGE (not the DLL files) and make sure 
that PYTHONPATH environmental variable points to the directory where the 
package is located. The mod_python package is a set of python files in a 
mod_python directory and a bunch of subdirectories.

For example, if you put the package in C:\python_packages (so that you now 
have c:\python_packages\mod_python\...) make sure PYTHONPATH has 
C:\python_packages in it. Then restart Apache.

What you want to do is define PYTHONPATH in your environment BEFORE 
starting the Apache (so that Apache process inherits it). You can then also 
do in httpd.conf:


though I don't think it makes a difference.

Hope this helps.

At 05:06 PM 2/28/2001 +0100, anja schmidt wrote:
>okay, I've spent almost the whole day trying to
>integrate mod_python in NT and I'm getting craaaaazy
>I've browsed through the archives and I'm getting the
>same error message like George Jempty(5th of December
>2000). But he didn't get a reply so I try once again:
>The error message in the apache error.log is:
>python_handler: make_obcallback returned no
>After browsing the archives I sort of understand that
>the extracted python files of mod_python-2.7.2.tgz
>can't be located. I've put them in the
>C:\Programme\Python20\Lib\mod_python-2.7.2 directory
>and I've pointed the PYTHONPATH env-variable to this.
>Didn't work.
>The lines in the httpd.conf-file look like
><Directory "C:/Programme/Apache
>         AddHandler python-program .py
>         PythonHandler mptest
>         PythonDebug on
>I also tried to define the PythonPath-variable in
>between the <Directory /> tags: PythonPath
>"C:/Programme/Python20/Lib/mod_python-2.7.2/" Didn't
>work! (And I also tried with other python files, so it
>has nothing to do with the name of the .py file,
>mptest or test).
>So, if anyone knows the answer: Please be so kind to
>tell me. Thanks a lot in advance!!
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