[mod_python] mod_python, NT, PythonPath

anja schmidt mail4myx at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 28 17:06:12 EST 2001

okay, I've spent almost the whole day trying to
integrate mod_python in NT and I'm getting craaaaazy

I've browsed through the archives and I'm getting the
same error message like George Jempty(5th of December
2000). But he didn't get a reply so I try once again:

The error message in the apache error.log is: 
python_handler: make_obcallback returned no

After browsing the archives I sort of understand that
the extracted python files of mod_python-2.7.2.tgz
can't be located. I've put them in the
C:\Programme\Python20\Lib\mod_python-2.7.2 directory
and I've pointed the PYTHONPATH env-variable to this.
Didn't work.

The lines in the httpd.conf-file look like

<Directory "C:/Programme/Apache
	AddHandler python-program .py
	PythonHandler mptest
	PythonDebug on

I also tried to define the PythonPath-variable in
between the <Directory /> tags: PythonPath
"C:/Programme/Python20/Lib/mod_python-2.7.2/" Didn't
work! (And I also tried with other python files, so it
has nothing to do with the name of the .py file,
mptest or test).

So, if anyone knows the answer: Please be so kind to
tell me. Thanks a lot in advance!!


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