[mod_python] RE: my_file.pyc is not created anymore ...what changed ?

Brent Verner brent at rcfile.org
Mon Feb 26 14:34:16 EST 2001

On 26 Feb 2001 at 11:03 (-0800), Petar Karafezov wrote:
| Hello all -
| I was going through a lot of reconfiguration of my apache+mod_python setup,
| including migrating it to different server and it seems that somewhere in
| all changes made I have "lost" the .pyc files functionality. Before I'd see
| a .pyc file being created after mod_python would process my .py handlers.
| According to the docs - it would not recompile again if the .py file doesn't
| get changed and just use the pre-compiled byte code.
| I did a fresh install of apache and mod_python 2.7.2 both with python 1.5.2
| (the standard RPm that comes with RH6.2) and with compiled from source
| Python2.0 - and I still don't see the .pyc iles created. Any ideas ??

perhaps the directory where your .py files (and the desired .pyc) files
live is not writable by the user the web server is running as? I've found
it very useful to create a new group, add myself and the web server user
to that group, then own the python web directories to that group and chmod
it g+w.


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