[mod_python] RE: my_file.pyc is not created anymore ...what changed ?

Petar Karafezov petar at metamarkets.com
Mon Feb 26 11:03:33 EST 2001

Hello all -

I was going through a lot of reconfiguration of my apache+mod_python setup,
including migrating it to different server and it seems that somewhere in
all changes made I have "lost" the .pyc files functionality. Before I'd see
a .pyc file being created after mod_python would process my .py handlers.
According to the docs - it would not recompile again if the .py file doesn't
get changed and just use the pre-compiled byte code.

I did a fresh install of apache and mod_python 2.7.2 both with python 1.5.2
(the standard RPm that comes with RH6.2) and with compiled from source
Python2.0 - and I still don't see the .pyc iles created. Any ideas ??

Thanks all for your help!

Petar Karafezov

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