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>>>>> riesch at nieuw.nl (R) writes:

R> Hi there,
R> Off-topic as it is :

R> Has anyone experience with using zope and more specificaly with its database ? Is it possible to separate the database from the zope-architecture ? I can't figure out how .. but it would be usefull since it looks nice

The database (ZODB) is distributed separately, and I have used some simple
standalone python scripts with it. It would be possible to use it in
modpython, except for problems with synchronisation. 
There is no record locking or anything similar in ZODB, so in a Linux/Unix
environment where Apache starts up multiple processes you would have the
database open in these processes, which gives synchronisation problems.
When modpython works with Apache 2 which has threading one should be able
to solve this by opening the database only once. On MS Windows this should
also be possible I think. ZODB can be used in a multithreaded environment
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