[mod_python] Some questions

Tom Emerson tree at basistech.com
Wed Aug 1 07:43:46 EST 2001

riesch at nieuw.nl writes:
> > ...I believe that the globals are valid for the life of the
> > interpreter. If you have separate virtual servers running then each
> > one has its own subinterpreter, and as such the globals should be
> > valid for each one.
> So every subinterpreter should be independent of the other
> interpreters ? and as such each site has a different app-instance?

Yes: as long as each site is running in its own virtual host the
interpreters will be independent... at least that is my
understanding. :-)

You can control how subinterpreters are allocated using the
PythonInterp* series of configuration directives.

> The init is always the same since the global is created in the
> Application.py and not in another file. I'm not to sure how to check
> it all, since a request is handled rather quick and I don't think
> there are debugging tools.

Perhaps you could generate a random number in each __init__ function,
then write it to the log from each site using apache.log_error.  That
would at least tell you if you are getting different instances in each

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