[mod_python] Some questions

riesch at nieuw.nl riesch at nieuw.nl
Wed Aug 1 14:16:01 EST 2001

> > Globals
> [...]
> These I'm not sure on, but...
> ...I believe that the globals are valid for the life of the
> interpreter. If you have separate virtual servers running then each
> one has its own subinterpreter, and as such the globals should be
> valid for each one.

So every subinterpreter should be independent of the other interpreters ? and as such each site has a different app-instance?

> You could check by passing a unique value to the __init__ function of
> your global object for each site, and examining that value to see if
> it is different.

The init is always the same since the global is created in the Application.py and not in another file. I'm not to sure how to check it all, since a request is handled rather quick and I don't think there are debugging tools.

Thanx for replying,

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