[mod_python] Persistent variable again...

Victor Muslin victor at prodigy.net
Tue Apr 17 08:25:04 EST 2001

I don't see where you are creating a dictionary entry with a key 'counter'. 
Therefore, the statement in the else clause:

         session_data['count'] = 0

will always be executed. Perhaps you want to say:

          if session_data.has_key('count'):

At 04:32 PM 4/17/01 +0900, nineclue at bigfoot.com wrote:
>I've posted somewhat long python program during development, which
>may need pg module, postgres running with pyweb db created etc...
>Here's short version, which don't work as I expected.
>from mod_python import apache
>session_data = {}
>session_counter = 0
>def handler(req):
>         global session_data, session_counter
>         if session_data.has_key('counter'):
>                 session_data['count'] = session_data['count'] + 1
>         else:
>                 session_data['count'] = 0
>         session_counter += 1
>         req.write('<HTML>')
>         req.write('Session data has %d items<BR>' % len(session_data))
>         req.write('Counter : %02d<BR>' % session_data['count'])
>         req.write('Alternative Counter : %02d<BR>' % session_counter)
>         req.write('</HTML>')
>         return apache.OK
>When I loaded the page and tried several reloads, session_data dictionary
>variable is never increased and session_counter variable is increased
>after several tries. What I expected was both variable increase at each
>In my thoughts, dictionary variable is not supported and main interpreter
>is created in each Apache processes, which is shared by subinterpreters.
>Sorry for posting again, long message and my poor English.
>Thanks in advance.
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