[mod_python] need Windows version of mod_python compiled for extended API

John Posner jjp at connix.com
Tue Oct 31 11:21:11 EST 2000

On Windows NT 4.0 SP6, I'm trying to use mod_python.dll according to the
standard installation instructions. When I start Apache, I get this console

  Loaded DSO modules/mod_python uses plain Apache 1.3 API,
  this module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with -DEAPI)

  Apache/1.3.12 (Win32) mod_python/2.6 Python/1.5.2 mod_perl/1.23 running...

I don't have an Apache development environment set up, so it would be great
to get a version of mod_python.dll compiled with -DEAPI, as suggested in the


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