[mod_python] I don't know mod_python style programming.

Seo jun won jwseo at ns.philemon.co.kr
Mon Oct 30 23:24:02 EST 2000

I'm a mod_python beginner. 
Supposing that I'll make web bbsboard using mod_python. 
Maybe, general Web bbsboard is consist of post, delete, reply.. etc
Following my handler example. 
def handler(req): 
  if req.uri == 'post.py': 
    import post 
    mypost = post.postclass 
    mypost.post(some data) 
  elif req.uri == 'delete.py': 
    import delete 
    mydelete = delete.deleteclass 
  return apache.OK 
expatiation) Each post.py, delete.py are my definition class module. 

Is my handler's source mod_python style? 

If It's be right, my dbconnection clause('import mysqldb') that where
locate in? 

I'm using

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