[mod_python] Must I configure apache first?

rsalz at CaveoSystems.com rsalz at CaveoSystems.com
Fri Oct 20 12:05:23 EST 2000

It's not convenient to disable 'make dependencies' I have to do this:
	ac_cv_path_MKDEP=/bin/echo ./configure ...flags...
I'd rather see "--without-mkdep" or some such flag.

The reason for not wanting mkdep is that it needs ap_config_pool.h or some
such file, and since I haven't yet configured apache I don't have that file.

I don't want to configure apache because mod_ssl wants to do some things,
and doing mod_python apache and mod_ssl is all getting me confused. :)
(I keep the unconfig'd sources in my CVS tree and do product builds
from those virgin sources on a couple of platforms.)

More importantly, I'd rather the mod_python sources were just inserted
into the Apache tree and built as part of building apache.  I.e., the old


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