[mod_python] Threaded Python and mod_python

Dave dwallace at delanet.com
Fri Nov 3 21:54:59 EST 2000

Hi Greg,

I just downloaded the 2.6.3 version of mod_python and ran configure. In 
addition to checking my blood pressure ( a very nice feature, maybe 2.7 
can do a CAT scan), it reported the following warning:

****** WARNING ******
  Python is compiled with thread support. Apache 1.3 does not use threads.
  On some systems this will cause problems during compilation, on others
  it may result in unpredictable behaviour of your Apache server. Yet on
  others it will work just fine. The recommended approach is to compile
  Python without thread support in a separate location and specify it with
  --with-python option to this ./configure script.

It compiles and appears to work fine for me (Python 2.0, Apache 1.3.12, 
Linux 2.2.16), but of apparently this could bite at any time. Can you 
expound a little more on the nature of this problem and if there are 
other solutions than not having threads?


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