[mod_python] mod_python 2.0

Damian Morton morton at dennisinter.com
Mon May 22 21:14:40 EST 2000

Please excuse the newbie question, as Im not as familiar with unix and
apache as Id like to be, although the availability of mod_python opens up
some very interesting possibilities.

I know from observing mod_perl people that there are some problems with
having global data shared between invokations of request handlers. Is there
some mechanism in mod_python to get around this? I understand that the issue
is that Apache runs serveral processes to optimise performance, and that
each request will likely get routed to different processes, each one having
its own (global?) data.

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> Is out on the site - http://www.modpython.org/
> (well, as soon as the DNS changes take effect - the site has moved to
> another server.)
> It has quite a bit of documentation improvements, especially the
> installation section, as well as some significant code fixes, though no
> new features. I think this version should be more or less stable because
> since 1.9 I haven't really found any really major bugs or had reports of
> instability, except during the install process, which is quite normal.
> Unless something major turns up in the very near future, an announcement
> to comp.lang.python will follow, as well as links on Python and Apache
> site requested, which should up the user base a bit.... :-)
> Grisha
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