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richard offer richard at whitequeen.com
Tue Jun 13 07:35:21 EST 2000

* $ from grisha at modpython.org at "14-Jun:12:34pm" | sed "1,$s/^/* /" 
* On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, richard offer wrote:
* > to Apache 2.0, and it seems to have reasonable documentation (probably
* > my biggest gripe about mod_python is the sparse docs).
* Hmmm... Everyone else said the documentation was very thorough. What do
* think is missing?

It took me a while to work out the relationship between the PythonHandler 
<entry> and the location of the file.py I wanted to run. I figured it out
eventually, but these are the sorts of questions that need to be obvious,
sicne they are only met by first time users (when I was a system manager, 
if it took me any longer than an 1/2 day to get a piece of software working,
it went to the the bottome the queue---under those rules I'd be using 
php now).

There are no function prototypes in the docs, it took me a while to
figure out that req.read() needed a length argument.

I have to refer to the Apache C docs to work out what members I can use
in the request structure.

The examples are too short, something demonstrating the handling of url
args would have saved me a day, needing to test for req.method as well
as req.args is more hassle. 

I hope to publish my code in the next few weeks (interface to a MySQL 
image database with search etc), maybe just a few contributed demos
would help. I'd like to see some drop in contributed modules like
php/mod_perl has.

Now I admit that I'm new to this (web programming) but I'm a self taught C
OS programmer, so if I can waste days in figuring it out, this isn't CP4E.

Please don't take the above as anything but constructive critism, I like
mod_python, it got me off my ass and working on the web site which I'd
been postponing for months, and for that I'm grateful.

* Grisha


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