[mod_python] Slashes...

Stéphane Bidoul sbi at acse.be
Tue Jun 13 19:08:18 EST 2000

A potential problem with slashes:
Windows NT accepts / or \, while Windows 9x accepts only \.

It means that with this directive:

<Directory "c:/soft/apache/htdocs/test2/">
  PythonHandler test2

mod_python ends up importing c:/soft/apache/htdocs/test2/\test2.py.

It works fine so it should not be an issue. 

Could it be an issue in get_request_object where the trailing
slash is first removed then added again? 
[I'm not sure to understand that area so I can't tell myself]

Maybe the functions from os.path should be used to be safe?

Also, I've found this in the apache doc:

The directives that accept filenames as arguments now must use Windows filenames instead of Unix ones. However, because Apache uses Unix-style names internally, you must use forward slashes, not backslashes. Drive letters can be used; if omitted, the drive with the Apache executable will be assumed.

So I'm not sure what is the right approach...



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