[mod_python] Returning multiple content types ?

richard offer richard at whitequeen.com
Sat Jun 3 20:43:13 EST 2000



How do I write a handler that can return multitple pieces of content ? 

I've got a handler that can read an image out of the photgraphic database
I'm working on, but I need to be able to generate the rest of the page
around the image ?

Should I be using the cgihandler ? This is virgin code so I'm, not
porting an exising implementation, so it seemed to me that I would be
better off using the basic handler, is this true ?

Is there an easy way to parse the QUERY_STRING into a dict ?

Should I be using a different architecture ? I was working on having
everything in one handler, does this make sence?


thanks, this is so cool :-)


richard offer @ home 

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