[mod_python] embedded Python

Sylvan Ravinet sylvan at ravinet.com
Thu Jul 13 02:12:15 EST 2000


Gregory Trubetskoy wrote:
> Based on what I've seen in the newsgroups and the e-mails that I often
> get, there seems to be a strong interest in html-embedded Python, in fact,
> from what I gather, some people went through the trouble of downloading
> and installing mod_python with that expectation only to find out that it
> does no such thing.

I'm among those...

> I personally think it would be extremely nice if mod_python came bundled
> with a (reliable and usable) handler that processed Python embedded within

I fully agree.

>There a couple of questions that I have about it though -
> 1. First - is there really a great need for embedded Python? Are a lot of
> people using PMZ and similar things and want them to work with mod_python?

I'm not using PMZ, but I tried moderately to make it work with
mod_python. I have to say that this Handler process is still cryptic to

> 2. Would this be something that is more desired than other fancy things
> like dynamic handler registration and a deeper integration with apache
> api? In other words, would you rather have a cool embedded Python thing
> than the ability to create your own Apache configuration directives?

Is that so difficult to implement? Isn't this PMZ already usable for
this purpose? (of course, with a good knowledge of mod_python)

> 3. Should embedded Python be a project of its own, or would it be
> appropriate to include it in the scope of mod_python?

Why another project? As a dedicated python handler for mod_python, that
sounds fine to me. (that can be only one example of mod_python use,
really good indeed)

Thank you for the good work already put in mod_python,

Best regards,


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