[mod_python] SPIN_py works with mod_python

Graham Swallow gps at trix.dircon.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 02:00:52 EST 2000

You have to mess with the PATHS and the /etc/sgml/ pathnames,
but then it just works. It is an SGML parser (actually SP is
the Parser, SPIN is the interface to Python).

I wouldn't recommend using SPIN on a production server because 
it is not mem-leakage tested, and because if users can upload
SGML they can down load any file (named as an entity), however
it provides elem_info and elem_obj, which are very useful
when building SGML/HTML/XML trees. You can also use them without
initialising the parser, and wrap them in names that you like.

Graham (who thinks mod_python is great)

Title:          SPIN_py - SGML Parser Integration (Python)
Version:        0.2.3
Entered-date:   2000-08-06
Description:    SP is _the_ SGML Parser.
                spin_py.so is a loadable Python module.
                SPIN_py uses the generic
                SP-API and routes its events to Python, with some
                fixups on the way. It also provides a few
                C-Python types which are very useful when building
                SGML/HTML/XML trees (elem_info, elem_obj).
                This release includes a standard libsp16.so (binary)
                otherwise its 100K not 1MB. To compile from source
                you may need SP-1.3.4 from http://www.jclark.com/
Keywords:       SGML HTML XML SP Parser Python Apache mod_python
Author:         gps at trix.dircon.co.uk (Graham Swallow)
Primary-site:   http://www.trix.dircon.co.uk/SPIN/
Alternate-site: metalab.unc.edu /pub/Linux/utils/text/
                1026522   SPIN_py-0806.tgz
Platforms:      libc.so.6, gcc-2.96, Linux, Solaris, NOT-HP-UX-YET,
Copying-policy: L-GPL

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