[mod_python] authenhandler not working

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Fri Aug 4 23:19:58 EST 2000

Using the tutorial, i got the first example to work.  

Then i did the second example, and that is not authenticating me.  I
figured I've got a typo somewhere so i modified it to look like:

def authenhandler(req):
        user = req.connection.user
        pw = req.get_basic_auth_pw()

        if user == "spam" and pw == "eggs":
                return apache.OK
                apache.log_error('start', apache.APLOG_NOTICE)
                apache.log_error(user, apache.APLOG_NOTICE)
                apache.log_error(pw, apache.APLOG_NOTICE)
                apache.log_error('end', apache.APLOG_NOTICE)
                return apache.HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED

when I make the request, i get (from error_log):

[Fri Aug  4 23:07:57 2000] [notice] (13)Permission denied: start
[Fri Aug  4 23:07:57 2000] [notice] (13)Permission denied: eggs
[Fri Aug  4 23:07:57 2000] [notice] (13)Permission denied: end

the user var must be blank, because it never makes it.  

access_log has: - spam [04/Aug/2000:23:07:57 -0700] "GET /test/test.py HTTP/1.0" 401 471

which has the username correct.

Where am I going wrong here?  Or is this a bug?


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