[mod_python] How to make mod_python (Win32) not to rely onregistrykey?

sanja at bougakov.com sanja at bougakov.com
Tue Jun 27 10:59:19 EDT 2006

It doesn't seem to be the perfect option - it will keep ugly DOS window
open all the time Apache works.

Maybe someone will suggest how to patch mod_python sources to specify
PYTHONPATH relative to the location of mod_python.dll?


> I think that's the way to go, because it looks like Python doesn't
> like the environment variables set by Apache. I need to investigate
> more, but your solution, John, is a sure bet.
> Regards,
> Nicolas
> 2006/6/27, John Keyes <john.keyes at secantus.com>:
>> I think he can still do it if he launches apache from a batch
>> file.  Inside this batch file set the PYTHON_HOME.  This

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