[mod_python] odd behaviour of the md5-module in modpy

Joshua Ginsberg listspam at flowtheory.net
Mon Jun 26 14:54:54 EDT 2006

Opteron? This isn't a 32bit vs. 64 bit memory allocation crap problem,
is it?


On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 13:25 -0400, Deron Meranda wrote:
> On 6/26/06, Nikolaus Schlemm <nikl at nikl.net> wrote:
> > >    import sys
> > >    req.write( repr(sys.modules) )
> > looks ok to me:
> > {'cStringIO': <module 'cStringIO' ...
> sys.modules looks fine to me as well.  I really don't know what is
> going on.  I've checked the Python buglist too, and found nothing
> similar.  The md5 module is all C based, and after reviewing the
> code for it I can not yet see how running in the mod_python
> environment could be affecting it.
> Perhaps as just another sanity check for a conflicting library, find
> one of your httpd processes (that you know has run your handler
> at least once) and type out it's file mappings, e.g., as root for
> process #12345:
>    cat /proc/12345/maps
> Also, please review the Apache error logs, just to make sure
> nothing unusual is showing up in them.
> And just to be clear, is all the software (python, apache, mod_python)
> as-is from the linux distribution; or have you attempted to compile
> or install any of the components yourself from source?

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