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Karl Kobata karl.kobata at syncira.com
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Subject: apxs for apache


We have redhat's version of apache running on our server - rhel3 ES.  Redhat
has not provided updates to python newer than 2.2.3, and mod_python newer
than 3.0.4.  I have downloaded 3.2.8 and found that I am missing 2 items -
flex and apxs.

The newest flex from redhat is 2.5.4, but I found the source for debian, and
compiled 2.5.33.  So now I am down to finding apxs.


Does anyone know where I can get the apxs rpm or source?  If I can get it
from redhat - what rpm package do I download?

If it is not from redhat, where will I be able to get the source?


Please help. 

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