[mod_python] Which recent version of mod_python will work on Win2K

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas at lehuen.com
Wed Jun 14 06:17:27 EDT 2006

Hi Ian,

You may encounter difficulties due to the fact that the MS runtime
DLLs are not packaged in the Win32 installer. Try downloading them
from http://nicolas.lehuen.com/download/pytst/ (the msvcp71.dll and
msvcr71.dll) and put them in your PATH if this is not the case.

Another thing to check is that the PATH variable associated to the
account Apache is running under is correctly configured. You should
find the above mentioned DLLs on the PATH, as well as the Python DLLs.

If you have to change the PATH variable for the user account running
Apache, make sure to fully restart (stop + start) the Apache server
afterwards, as a simple apache -k restart will not restart the parent
process, so the environment variable won't be refreshed. The best way
to make sure everything is correct is to reboot the server, but then
again this may not be possible on a production server.

In any case, all the mod_python Win32 binaries that have been
officially released have been built and tested by me both on Windows
XP SP2 and Windows 2000 Server SP4, so Windows 2000 should pose no
problem except from those minor PATH issues. Plus, I've got two
production servers running mod_python 3.2.8 with Python 2.4.1 and
Apache 2.0.55 on a Windows 2000 Server SP4, so I'm fairly confident it
does work.


2006/6/14, ian McDowall <i.d.mcdowall at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
>  I am trying to do install mod_python on win2K and I have some compatibility
> problems.
>  I downloaded the Win32 installer for v3.2.8 of mod_python and installed it
> (also using v2.4 of Python and 2.0.55 of Apache, both from installers rather
> than source, at least so far...).  I got mod_python.so in the right place
> for Apache and added the LoadModule to the config.  When I ran Apache it
> complained that it cannot find mod_python.so.  After a bit of research on
> similar problems, I guessed that it might be a missing dependency so I ran a
> dependency checker.  This led to me installing the .Net runtime but I still
> got the same error.  Further use of the dependency checker and Google showed
> that mod_pythin.so depends on a component that is only present on Win XP,
> not earlier versions of Windows.
>  Therefore, I guess that the Win32 installer v3.2.8 of mod_python is built
> on and for Win XP only.  I don't know if this was a deliberrate choice by
> the person who built the installer or accidental.
>  I searched for mentions of Win2K and mod_python but just found some old
> references to Win2K threading issues.  There is a mention of using
> mod_python with Win2K in the FAQ but it avoids specifying versions (for good
> reason in general but not helpful to me in this particular case)
>  I tried to rebuild mod-python from source and got an error telling me that
> mod_python has to be built using the same version of MS Visual Studio as was
> used to build Python.  I don't actually have a copy of Studio on this
> machine although I could use another machine.
>  I have the same version of mod_python working fine on a Linux machine but
> the Win2K one is more convenient for development (I prefer Linux but the
> Win2K machine is a laptop so the convenience is physical).
>  Before I start rebuilding Apache, Python and mod_python from source, please
> can anyone tell me if there is a reason why mod
>  _python v3.2.8 was built to rely on Win XP ?  Also, does anyone know the
> latest version of mod_python that has Win32 installers built that will work
> on Win2K ?
>  Thanks in advance.
> --
> Ian McDowall
> i.d.mcdowall at gmail.com
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