[mod_python] Which recent version of mod_python will work on Win2K

ian McDowall i.d.mcdowall at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 05:40:22 EDT 2006

I am trying to do install mod_python on win2K and I have some compatibility

I downloaded the Win32 installer for v3.2.8 of mod_python and installed it
(also using v2.4 of Python and 2.0.55 of Apache, both from installers rather
than source, at least so far...).  I got mod_python.so in the right place
for Apache and added the LoadModule to the config.  When I ran Apache it
complained that it cannot find mod_python.so.  After a bit of research on
similar problems, I guessed that it might be a missing dependency so I ran a
dependency checker.  This led to me installing the .Net runtime but I still
got the same error.  Further use of the dependency checker and Google showed
that mod_pythin.so depends on a component that is only present on Win XP,
not earlier versions of Windows.

Therefore, I guess that the Win32 installer v3.2.8 of mod_python is built on
and for Win XP only.  I don't know if this was a deliberrate choice by the
person who built the installer or accidental.

I searched for mentions of Win2K and mod_python but just found some old
references to Win2K threading issues.  There is a mention of using
mod_python with Win2K in the FAQ but it avoids specifying versions (for good
reason in general but not helpful to me in this particular case)

I tried to rebuild mod-python from source and got an error telling me that
mod_python has to be built using the same version of MS Visual Studio as was
used to build Python.  I don't actually have a copy of Studio on this
machine although I could use another machine.

I have the same version of mod_python working fine on a Linux machine but
the Win2K one is more convenient for development (I prefer Linux but the
Win2K machine is a laptop so the convenience is physical).

Before I start rebuilding Apache, Python and mod_python from source, please
can anyone tell me if there is a reason why mod
_python v3.2.8 was built to rely on Win XP ?  Also, does anyone know the
latest version of mod_python that has Win32 installers built that will work
on Win2K ?

Thanks in advance.
Ian McDowall
i.d.mcdowall at gmail.com
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